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Irwin H. Evans

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Articles by Irwin H. Evans

Systematic Improvement of Our Ministry (March 1938)

The passing of the years has brought great advancement in the education of the masses in America.

An Imperative Investment (April 1939)

The General Conference in open session and in three consecutive Autumn Councils has recommended that the denomination establish a Theological Seminary where our younger ministers may be offered opportunity for advanced study in Biblical languages, Biblical interpretation, Biblical archeology, homiletics, evangelism, and related topics.

The New Church Hymnal (August 1940)

What's in it? How is it different? Is it better?

Wesley's Remarkable Mother (May 1940)

Few fields of reading offer greater general information and wider knowledge of world-wide movements than biography, es­pecially the biography of the leaders of re­ligious thought.

Responsibility for Shepherding the Flock (March 1939)

Extraordinary efforts must be made to counteract the pressure of the world.

Real Students of the Word (May 1938)

We as a people contend for a thorough study of the Holy Scriptures, and n our chosen field we need careful Biblical-language preparation for deeper study and research.

The Church's Relation to Christ (May 1936)

There may be many chosen of God, living up to all the light they have, who are accepted of the Lord and will receive life eternal through their faith in Jesus Christ, but who do not belong to the church corporate of which we speak.

The Full Third Angel's Message (January 1934)

Nearly all doctrines and teachings are judged by their fruits in the lives of those who accept them, and their ef­fect upon the actions.

Persevering, Prevailing Prayer (September 1934)

Prevailing prayer must often be learned in the school of discipline and suffering.

Our Relation to Christian Temperance (February 1933)

Temperance is more than a political concern. It is a moral issue.

Our Supreme Need As Workers (August 1932)

The supreme need of the church today is the divine presence of the Holy Spirit; but it will come only through much prayer.

A Change in Association Leadership (June 1931)

Elder Evans Succeeds Elder Daniells

Forward and Upward (June 1929)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution.
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