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Everett D. Calkins

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Articles by Everett D. Calkins

Pastor-Shepherding the Flock (December 1954)

When bereavement comes, we have an unusual opportunity to serve those in sorrow.

Pulpit-Pointers for Preachers (November 1954)

Some have the misconception that "now that the church has elected me to the work of a deacon I will have little to do."

Pastor-An Appraisal of Our Church Building Program —Part II (October 1954)

I believe all of our ministers endeavor to do their best.

Pastor-An Appraisal of Our Church Building Program—Part I (September 1954)

He does not even outwardly represent the Lord. He does not reveal the high standard of the cleansing, uplifting power of the gospel as taught by the remnant church. His appearance gives the lie to his profession.
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