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Charles T. Everson

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Articles by Charles T. Everson

Talking It Over—No. 2 (April 1944)

Succeeding in the Difficult Place

Gaining Decisions for Christ (January 1941)

Efficient Evangelistic Methods and Pastoral Technique.

Conserving Our Converts (December 1937)

If we are in any way responsible for the falling away of any of these "little ones," Christ is very much displeased with us.

The Place of Aftermeetings (May 1936)

The appeal is closely linked to the success of aftermeetings; in fact, the ap­peal should lead up to every aftermeeting. No sermon, whether preached in an evangel­istic campaign or on any other occasion, should lack some kind of appeal.

Giving Our Specific Message to the World (October 1936)

Symposial Discussion, June 5, at 5:15 P.M.

The Appeal in Evangelistic Meetings (July 1932)

Frequently the difference between success and failure in an evangelistic campaign lies in the right use of the appeal.
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