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Articles by Wadie Farag

The Nature and Person of Christ (September 1962)

The first seven centuries of the Christian Era witnessed the church battling coura­geously against several here­sies that mainly dealt with: a. the status of Christ as God, and b. the incarnate relation­ship between His divine and human natures. These two problems, both relating to Christ, were the subject of protracted controversies known as the Trinitarian and Christological controver­sies. While the Trinitarian controversy rocked the church in the first four cen­turies of the Christian Era, the Christo­logical controversy followed it from the fifth to the seventh century, or until the rise of Islam.

Reprove! Rebuke! (August 1964)

How faithful are we in carrying out this part of the charge?

Baptism (March 1962)

The Bible recognizes baptism for adults and by immersion. No other kind of bap­tism has the sanction of the One who com­manded us to baptize. Christ Himself was baptized by immersion, and He left us an example that we should follow His steps.

"What Think Ye of Christ?" (December 1961)

Although the term "Trinity" is not scriptural, the concept it expresses is certainly Biblical. In the Scriptures we note that there are three distinct persons in the Godhead: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

"What Think Ye of Christ?" (November 1961)

Although Jesus made sure that men understood His divinity and oneness with God, there are countless millions who through the ages have denied this.

Lessons From a Recent Discovery (January 1967)

A discovery of interest to all students of prophecy.

One-Day Seminar on the Book of Daniel (November 1974)

AN UNPRECEDENTED interest in the study of the book of Daniel is manifest among the members of the Lacombe church, on the campus of Canadian Union College in Alberta, Canada. Ten different groups meet once each week on different evenings and on Sabbath afternoon to study a portion of the prophetic book. . .

"Schools of Brutality" (July 1974)

A REPORT of the 1973 Indianapolis 500 mile auto race in the June 11, 1973, issue of Time, mentions that it is the world's largest, richest, and costliest racing event of its kind. The story went on to say: "One rationale for the Indy has been that it encourages innovations in auto design, especially in safety devices. . .

Women's "Distinctive Duties" (October 1973)

Does lack of or little representation on the highest councils, along with the Biblical admonition given to women to submit to their husbands, constitute an admission that the woman is subservient to man? Is man really pre-eminent? Not at all. . .

Is There a Way to Control Costs and Morals in Denominational Schools? (December 1971)

EDUCATORS, lend me your ears! There is no doubt that today an ever-lessening commitment to Christian education is found on the part of church leaders and church members of all denominations. Both leaders and laity have ceased to promote the principles of Christian education with the vigor exercised only a few years ago.
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