M.I. Fayard

By M. I. FAYARD, Editor, El Atalaya, Buenos Aires Publishing House

Work for Catholics in Protestant Lands

Our proportionately small Roman Catholic accessions in Protestant lands has led us to ask a representative of Catholic South America, where a large number of converts are an actuality, to suggest possible reasons for these two situations. His observations are here presented for study, as in some Protestant lands over­seas it has already been deemed necessary to make certain changes in methods.—Editor.

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Editing Books and Tracts

Book editing is one of the most delicate lines of the publishing work, and it re­quires an intellectual equipment second to none.

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Hittites in Bible and History

There are many reasons why modern historians assume a very different attitude toward the Bible from the attitude main­tained a few decades ago. These reasons might be epitomized in this brief statement: Archeology has brought to light many tangible proofs of the historicity of the Bible records.

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