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Andrew Fearing

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Articles by Andrew Fearing

The Times Demand New Methods (December 1943)

More efficiently meeting the needs of the times

Streetcar Ads Are Effective (March 1944)

Teaching the vast masses of our large cities is indeed a problem, one which necessitates the use of nearly every form of advertising to make certain that the evange­listic campaign is well known in the city.

The Choir in Soul Winning (July 1944)

Truly an effective source of strength in an evangelistic series of meetings is the support of a choir well versed in the mes­sage and melody of evangelistic gospel hymns.

Special Publicity Features in Evangelism (November 1947)

Paper presented at the Columbia Union ministerial institute.

Exalting the Ten Commandments (March 1947)

There is no visual aid which I use more fre­quently than the Ten Commandments, painted in large letters on plywood, resembling two tables of stone.

The Worker's Clipping File (February 1947)

No generation of gospel workers has been more blessed with a variety, volume, and quality of material aids for spiritual guid­ance than the Adventist ministry of today.

Visualizing the Sanctuary (June 1948)

The ancient sanctuary and the entire cere­monial system were given to Israel to enrich their understanding of the fundamental principles of the plan of salvation from sin.

Planning for the New Year (December 1958)

Developing a well-rounded diet of spiritual food to meet the needs of your people.

The Master's Skill (November 1958)

Humil­ity cannot be counterfeited or put on like a coat when the need is felt.

Sharing (October 1958)

We're asking for your advice and contribution.

A Gracious Disposition (November 1959)

One of the greatest problems in the world today is the matter of communications and relationships.

When to Take Advice (October 1959)

There is always someone ready and willing to give us advice on any decision we need to make. What should be our response to another's counsel?

A Tie That Should Not Be Broken (October 1959)

A look at the recent Gilbert Youth Research survey.

Importance of making Wills (July 1959)

Why do we ignore such a crucial topic?

The Gift That Builds (May 1959)

To read all of Mrs. White's writings will indeed be a major task, but a spiritually profitable one.

Leaders of Tomorrow (March 1959)

To stand for Bible principles in spite of the appeal of the world, to eat and dress differently from the crowd, and to be found in the house of God on the true Sabbath day in contrast with the great majority of Christians, puts a test upon our youth. But such tests as these develop character.

"My Bible Says" (September 1962)

Can you imagine a success­ful evangelistic campaign in which there is no advertis­ing—not a line appears in the press, and not a word on radio or television referring to the program—yet the pews of the Modesto, California, church are filled with an audience of four or five hundred people every Wednesday and Fri­day evening.

She Made Him a Little Coat (July 1962)

May we always be cognizant of the spirit­ual balance between the child and the man.

Administrators and Effective Preaching (November 1963)

What do you do when someone informs you that your preaching has declined?

Be Ye Clean (September 1963)

Sin is never worth it!

The Deadline (February 1963)

Laziness and the pulpit do not mix.

The Man Who Lived Again (April 1962)

The resurrection, mentioned 104 times in the New Testament, became the central doctrine of the early church—a cornerstone of Christianity. May the same great power be upon Christ's ministers today as they bear wit­ness of the resurrection.

Decisions (May 1964)

There is no greater experience than a human being, chosen of God, standing as God's representative to invite his fellow men to accept the offered pardon, become adopted into the family of God, and receive eternal life.

Sacrifice--What Does It Mean? (November 1965)

On the special week of sacrifice for missions.

God's Miracle Man (Concluded) (December 1966)

In many ways Elisha's ministry was a great deal like that of our Saviour.

God's Miracle Man* (Part 1) (November 1966)

Do you believe in miracles?

Loving the Unlovely (May 1967)

God's persevering love

Do You Want to Write? (April 1967)

Reflections and advice from an editor.

That They May Grow (March 1967)

New resources for growth

Unity by any Means (March 1967)

The gospel of ecumenism.

Puzzled Youth (January 1967)

Dullness and the pulpit

The tale of two churches (July 1961)

It may seem strange that the simple act of personal contact in the home would make such a great difference in the over-all record of a church. The importance of pastoral visitation should not be overlooked.

As in His Visible Presence (December 1960)

A new year is upon us, a time for new resolves, new hopes, and new plans for the future; an ideal time for earnest endeavor to elevate the standard of highest rever­ence for the house of God and for the wor­ship hour.

The Worker's Clipping File (September 1960)

As ministers today we are blessed with a great variety, volume, and quality of material aids for our spiritual ministration. We read a great deal, but we forget quickly, and unless this material is cataloged and within easy ac­cess, it is of little value for future use. There are many and varied types of filing systems that may be purchased or devised; however, I used a system that is patterned after the majority of office subject files.

Seven Months in Germany (Concluded) (October 1969)

REGENSBURG in Bavaria was one of the prominent cities of the Counter Reformation. There are seventy Adventist church members there. This is the only city where they had opportunity to precede public meetings with the Gift Bible Plan. Many of the brethren thought that no one in this Catholic city would accept the Bible, and they added that they thought no one would come to the meetings, either. We all realized that it was not to be an easy place, but my visit to Germany was really an experiment, and we wanted to try every kind of place in any kind of circumstances to see what God would do. . .

Seven Months in Germany (September 1969)

A GREAT experience is now in the past. I spent seven months in Germany, having accepted the invitation of the Central European Division to conduct ministerial training schools and public evangelism throughout that country. . .

PULPIT: The Worker's Clipping File (June 1952)

"Those files! those precious files! How grateful I am that material had been gathered and filed through the years. I started with an orange crate, and now have four cabinets!"

A Decade of Prayer (April 1960)

ON JANUARY 1 of this year in Knoxville, Tennessee, the Methodist General Board of Evangelism inaugurated a special ten-year period of prayer entitled the Dec­ade of Prayer.

Reclaiming Former Members (March 1960)

ONE of our churches has appointed four days a year known as Good Shepherd Days. On these special days the members of the church are invited to make a special effort to seek the wanderers from the fold and encourage them to return and share the fellowship of the church and the in­spiration of the evangelistic program.

Greatest Year Ever (December 1972)

During this year, 1972, the Ministerial Association has concentrated on coordinating and implementing the united efforts of every area of the church administrator and department leader, minister, teacher, medical and health worker, literature evangelist, lay member to reach people with the timely messages of truth God has given to us to proclaim to the world, using the theme REACH OUT FOR LIFE. . .

Africa's Challenge (August 1972)

THE continent of Africa, home of one of the most ancient civilizations to flourish beside the Egyptian Nile, today contains many of the world's youngest nations. About forty of them have been born since the year 1950. Before that year there were only four independent countries in this, the world's second largest continent. A three-month safari through these newly born nations lifts the curtain on a vista of challenge and opportunity for a missionary movement of dimensions that matches Africa's huge land mass. . .

To Prepare a People (July 1970)

In a special sense Seventh-day Adventists have been set in the world as watchmen and light bearers. To them has been entrusted the last warning for a perishing world. On them is shining wonderful light from the word of God. They have been given a work of the most solemn import— the proclamation of the first, second, and third angels' messages.
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