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J.R. Ferren

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Articles by J.R. Ferren

The Minister and the Newspaper (August 1943)

Some of our ministers maintain a close working relationship with the local news­papers.

Success in Church Publicity (June 1945)

It is always heartening to learn of pastors who are closely co-operating with their church press secretaries in preparing material for the newspa­pers.

More on "Advertising Your Church" (May 1945)

Time after time disappointed church members tell us of their vain search for Adventist churches in places where they are obliged to spend the Sabbath day. It is time to make use of advertising.

The Press Helps Evangelists (March 1945)

How announcements in the form of news stories have greatly helped ministers.

The Preacher and the Press—No. 3 (December 1946)

Utilizing the media in our work.

The Preacher and the Press—No. 1 (October 1946)

Getting papers to carry our stories.

The Preacher and the Press—No. 2 (November 1946)

In this story I want to discuss news writing as it differs from other forms, and get into what is actually required in putting religious and church items into proper shape for publication.

Molding the Public Mind (January 1946)

The impact of Adventist writings upon the thinking of men who are today grappling with tremendous world issues is clearly discernible.

Direct People to Your Church (July 1947)

"O that my ways were directed to keep Thy statutes!" Ps. 119:5.

The Preacher and the Press-6 (March 1947)

This is to continue our discussion of sermon reporting as featured last month.

The Preacher and the Press—No. 5 (February 1947)

In this fifth part of our series we analyze, discuss, and illustrate points that have to do with getting sermon material across the editor's desk, and in a form that is clear and meaningful to the reader.

The Preacher and the Press—No. 4 (January 1947)

The importance of gaining understanding and gaining good will. Some recent experiences give emphasis to this point.
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