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Mark Finley

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Articles by Mark Finley

28 Years in an Iron Lung (April 1976)

A little over a year ago, after the interview took place, Joan Herman developed a malignancy that took her life. Courageous to the end, and trusting fully in God, her last days were spent in continued ministry to those about her.

Biblical Spirituality: Rediscovering Our Biblical Roots or Embracing the East? (August 2012)

A Christ-centered, Bible-based approach to meditation, contemplative prayer, and spiritual formation.

Breaking through: Christ’s methods in the twenty-first century (September 2014)

How can we follow Jesus’ example and make a difference while living in this postmodern society?

Caring for the newborn (August 1983)

A newborn Christian commonly faces four major crises within two years of his baptism. We need to know not only what they are but also how best to provide the remedy.

Dateline (May 2013)

NY13: A comprehensive evangelistic initiative

Decisions: persuading people for Christ (June 1993)

Evangelism is not complete without leading people to a decision.

Evangelism's big picture: From baptism to discipleship (September 2009)

Any approach to evangelism that focuses primarily on the number of people baptized misses the mark.

Harvest 90 administrative slogan? (June 1986)

Is Harvest 90 just another slogan, motto, or current catchword? Find out how it is a process and not a program.

It is possible in Europe! (December 1986)

Evangelism in secular western Europe? Discouragingly difficult. But a recent campaign in Munich shows that with the right approach it can be successful.

Keys to City Evangelism (February 1977)

The training of the church necessitates an approach that utilizes the talents of each church member. Gospel-medical evangelism is divinely designed to achieve this goal.

Lake Union Soul-Winning Institute (December 1980)

MINISTRY editor J.R. Spangler interviews Mark Finley, director, on an exciting concept of large-city evangelism that includes team training and an integrated, three-pronged approach.

Mark Finley speaks out on bridging the gap (April 1980)

MINISTRY interviews Mark Finley whose Daniel seminars are designed to prepare hearts to receive God's truth and His will.

Reaching secular people (October 1993)

The early church also faced the challenge of secularism.

Reflections on revival (January 2011)

What are the hallmarks of true revival?

Reviving your church in 1988 (February 1988)

A century ago those who accepted the message of righteousness by faith experienced a revival. How can your church experience a revival?

Secularism: Then and now (June 2001)

How the gospel spoke to secular people in the first century and may do so now.

Tell the world (February 2006)

What must we do, and how must we act to bring Christ to people who do not know Him?

United in message, mission, and organization (April)

Study with the author the challenges of unity in a growing church with divergent opinions while being one body led by one Spirit.

Unity: Then and now--A divine movement united in mission and message (March)

In this article, we are challenged to look deep into our spirituality to maintain church unity in the face of Christ’s commission.

Vital signs of a healthy church (May 1982)

Like people, churches have certain vital signs that indicate health and vigor. Apply this checklist to your church and see where first aid may be needed.
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