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R. E. Finney, Jr.

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Articles by R. E. Finney, Jr.

Successful Ingathering Methods (April 1945)

Any force which tends to unite the membership of our churches is valuable.

Movies in Prayer Meeting? (June 1949)

Yes, we know that some evangelists use mov­ing pictures as crowd getters; I have done it myself in times past. But evangelistic meetings are not in exactly the same category as prayer meetings.

An Unusual Ingathering Contribution (November 1956)

Lessons from Pastor Dwight S. Wallack.

Organization and Discipline of the Mind (October 1963)

An address to a group of workers, in which some definite personal convictions are expressed about TV, newspapers and other reading material, the organization of the daily program, et cetera. Some practical suggestions for a reading program conclude this challenging presentation.

Should We Lock Our Ministers Out of Our Churches? (May 1963)

Are we doing our people a favor to con­tribute to the spiritual anemia which now grips many, or should they be given some kind of spiritual iron that would enable them to stand on their own feet and work for God?

Features (September 1953)

Where Are the Preachers? The Minister's Example. The Tragedy of Preaching in Human Strength.

LITERATURE EVANGELISM: An Aide to the Evangelist (October 1950)

"In several efforts I have found it most advantageous to use the services of such a literature evangelist."

On Illistrating the Sermon (January 1971)

THERE are about as many ways of preaching as there are preachers. Nevertheless, there are certain excellences and, unfortunately, certain shortcomings that recur and point the way to failure or success as a preacher. For the purpose of this discussion I shall think of preaching in terms of either the pastoral or evangelistic sermon. For the most part the principles involved apply to both.
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