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Ron and Karen Flowers

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Articles by Ron and Karen Flowers

Not just a Benevolent Nobody (July 1980)

A new world opened to this pastor's wife when she learned that the greatest gift she had to offer was an honest sharing of herself.

Journey toward intimacy (April 1981)

For years I carefully maintained a well-polished veneer to hide "unministeriike flaws" from my congregation. Then a spontaneous moment of personal sharing from the pulpit started me down a totally new path.

How to redeem a marriage (September 1986)

Too many ministerial marriages are humdrum and superficial. Redemptive love builds strong marriages, strong husbands and wives, capable of withstanding the stresses of our time.

Joy to You and Me: Three Worship Dramas for Christmas (December 1988)

Gurden Henley, C.S.S. Publishing Co., Lima, Ohio, 1986, 38 pages, $4.75 (price includes copying privileges), paper.

Marriage and Divorce (April 1988)

James M. Efird, Abingdon Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1985, 96 pages, paper, $4.95.

The crises of children---a special ministry (October 1996)

Viewing children as persons will significantly shape our ministry to them and their families.

Family violence: a Christian response (November 1995)

How to combine courage and compassion in dealing with family violence

Putting Anger in its Place (July 1997)

The dynamics of personal anger in the life of the pastor

Celebrating our differences (January 2000)

Handling and capitalizing upon the differences in the clergy couple.

Start by learning their names . . . (November 2002)

What knowing a name can do to open the way for further ministry.

Marriage: twin of the Sabbath, but a day older (August 2004)

A Christocentric view of the Seventh-day Adventist belief in marriage and the family.
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