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Herbert Ford

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Articles by Herbert Ford

101 Questions About Ellen White and Her Writings (February 2012)

A useful resource for the busy minister and church member

"The Silent Adventists" (February 1966)

A Letter to Church Leaders

Nothing for the Public? (December 1968)

Relating to the outer world.

If I were a Young Preacher. . . (October 1970)

I'D PREACH the Bible; preach it plain, simply, without frills, and let its mes sage cut deep, right to the heart of people. Nothing else will convict, convert, and con serve like the Word. It is the living Word of the living God, and therefore it is all-powerful wherever He directs it!"

A Flexible Witness (October 1970)

PERHAPS the greatest tribute as a soldier of the cross that could be paid to H. M. S. Richards is today's multi-faceted complexion of the organization he founded forty years ago. Few men, young or old, possess the flexibility of mind that would allow the scope and diversity of operations embodied in the Voice of Prophecy of 1970. . .

Who Killed the Soul of James G. Thresher? (May 1970)

WHO killed the soul of James G. Thresher? It wasn't you, was it? God forbid that it was you. But I don't know . . .

If I were a pastor (October 1981)

As a pastor, you have two congregations——the one you see in the pews each Sabbath and the one that is meeting on the golf course, in the park, and a hundred other locations all over town. This larger congregation needs your ministry too.
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