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John Ford

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Articles by John Ford

The Golden Hour of Radio (January 1936)

A stenographically reported address on the effective­ness of radio, given before the North American Presi­dents' Council, October 27, 1935, just preceding the Louisville Autumn Council.

The Temporary Wooden Tabernacle (September 1934)

The temporary wooden tabernacle has proved a very successful auditorium in which to hold evangelistic meetings.

Methods of Evangelism—I (August 1932)

The first and chief requisite for successful evangelism is constant contact with the Holy Spirit, and a willingness to be led by Him. The second requisite for success is to believe what you preach.

The Radio in Evangelism (August 1931)

As we have used broadcasting for several years in our evangelistic campaigns, our experience has given me some definite convictions relative to the value of the radio in this work.

Music and the Message (March 1930)

Who can compute the mystic power of music? Who can measure the influence it exerts for weal or woe?

The Association Forum (June 1930)

A round table discussion on efficient methods.

The Association Forum (January 1929)

A round table on efficient methods.
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