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W. W. Fordham

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Articles by W. W. Fordham

Evangelism for Colored People (March 1943)

Advice for a more effective witness.

"Have Ye Received the Holy Spirit?" (January 1967)

The role of the Holy Spirit in Ministry.

Contact Without Fellowship (September 1968)

We take justifiable pride in the steps our church has taken in recent years in the field of human relations.

Where Have We Failed? (August 1969)

TODAY the black clergyman is no longer the symbol of respectability, virtue, authority, honesty, and fidelity. We all can recall those days of yore when the black clergyman was the most respected and revered leader in the community. The "now" generation of nonbelievers, scoffers, doubters, the would-be change makers, spew their venomous darts upon the black religious leaders of the inner city. . .

Callous Hearts (April 1969)

Note: This is a suggested sermon outline for Disaster and Famine Relief Day, May 10.)

The Remnant Church (June 1970)

IN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST parlance, based on what I have always considered to be sound scriptural exegesis, we lay claim to the term remnant as applying to Seventh-day Adventists. . .
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