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Francis D. Nichol

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Articles by Francis D. Nichol

Why Overlook 75 Million Readers? (May 1939)

Should we not have the Ad­ventist explanation of things placed in every public library where anyone and everyone can lay hands upon it quickly?

A Course in Christian Evidences Needed--2 (November 1940)

Part two of our theological seminary lectures on the need for Christian evidences.

A Course in Christian Evidences Needed-1 (October 1940)

A chapel talk to history and Bible teachers and seminarians in General Conference chapel, Thursday, August 15, 1940.

Restudying the Doctrines—No. 2 (March 1940)

The rapid changes in the world will have a bearing upon a great many of our teachings.

Restudying the Doctrines without Destroying the Foundations (February 1940)

Address at opening of winter session of the Theological Seminary, Dec. 6, 1939.

Dead Men Tell No Tales (May 1944)

Answering a recent charge from our critics.

Blended Ministry for Body and Soul (December 1945)

Address at graduation exercises, Washington Sani­tarium School of Nursing, Takoma Park, Maryland, Sep­tember, 1945.

Floodlighting the Word of Prophecy (November 1945)

A look at the new volume of the Prophetic Faith of our Fathers.

Dedicating Infants in Church (December 1946)

Question: Is it considered orthodox to bless in­fants in our Seventh-day Adventist churches?

The Heresy of Silence: The Need of Teaching Denominational History (February 1945)

Paper presented at Bible and History Teachers' Council, Takoma Park, August, 1944.

Scope of Our Medical Work-3 (October 1949)

The genius of the Advent Movement is against concentration of men and resources in one spot, it matters not whether the men be preachers, teachers, publishers, or plain church members. The genius of this great movement calls for spreading out and ever farther out. Can anyone give valid reasons why this princi­ple should not apply to our medical men?

Genius of Our Medical Work—II (September 1949)

Second installment of an address given at the recent Medical Council at Boulder, Colorado.

The Genius and Scope of Our Medical Work—No. 1 (August 1949)

This timely address was given on April 26, 1949, upon assignment, at the Boulder Medical Council. At the close of the presentation the council voted to re­quest that it be brought out in printed form and sent to all ministers and physicians. The General Confer­ence Committee voted that it be published first in THE MINISTRY, and then in Pamphlet form. This journal earnestly urges the careful study of this important discussion—THE EDITOR.

Why Seventh-day Adventists Conduct a Medical Program (May 1956)

A commencement sermon given to the graduating class of CME, June 4. 1955. We are happy to make this stimulating address available to all our readers.

Features-Is the Doctrine of an Earthly Heaven Adequate Today? Preach the Power of God. (January 1954)

Our present age has been distinguished by its new approach to the goal of maximum satisfaction in living.

THE LARGER OUTLOOK: The Heavenly Pilgrimage (Continued) (June 1950)

"May you, as did Greatheart, that doughty guide and warrior of Bunyan's allegory, safely lead the pilgrims onward."

THE LARGER OUTLOOK: The Heavenly Pilgrimage (April 1950)

We are all pilgrims traveling toward the promised land

Extraordinary Men Extraordinary Times (December 1938)

God wants men who think great thoughts, dream great dreams, and see great visions in relation to the kingdom of God and the finishing of His work.

Modernism's Inadequacy Is Our Opportunity (February 1936)

It is common knowledge that Modernism is in the ascendancy, that a very great majority of the clergy and of the theological schools are to an increasing degree contaminated with Liberalistic ideas. But it is not so widely known that Modernism is beginning to be questioned in the house of its friends.

Sunday Laws and Commercialized Amusement* (March 1933)

I find myself in the very unusual position of being the only pastor in Hyattsville who is on the repeal side of the Sunday law question.

Discussion with a Sunday Advocate (June 1933)

F.D. Nichol corresponds with a prominent Fundamentalist.

The Miraculous Birth of Christ (February 1932)

The assertion was recently hurled at me that Christians worship an illegiti­mate child. Answered by reference to Matthew 1:20, the question was then asked, "Why was it right for the Holy Spirit to do what it was not right for man to do?" How can I best answer this challenge?

Forward and Upward (January 1930)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution

Music and the Message (March 1930)

Who can compute the mystic power of music? Who can measure the influence it exerts for weal or woe?

Forward and Upward (June 1930)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution.
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