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A. R. Fraser

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Articles by A. R. Fraser

"Go Even Unto Bethlehem" (December 1962)

The Christmas season is a time when a special oppor­tunity is presented for bestowing gifts on those to whom they will bring genuine pleasure; a time of peace and good will; a time when our thoughts are directed toward the miraculous birth of our Lord in the lowly surroundings of a Judean stable.

The Significance of Baptism (October 1961)

One of the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, held in common with other conserva­tive Christian faiths, is that of baptism by immersion. Its institution as a Christian ordinance gave to baptism a far greater significance than it had ever possessed be­fore. This article seeks to consider some of the more significant points of which baptism is a fitting symbol.
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