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Pavel Goia

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Articles by Pavel Goia

Preaching: The three main ingredients (June 2019)

How fervent prayer, thorough preparation, and a connecting delivery can lead to spiritual and powerful sermons.

An interview with Jud Lake: Ellen White and the Civil War (February 2019)

Understand how a local military war can have global spiritual implications.

Paid in Full (January 2019)

At that moment, I chose to give up on the money and spend more than two hours in prayer and Bible study.

People, programs--and prayer (August)

Sustainable fruitful programs function only in the presence of dedicated prayer.

This is for my good—really? (April)

The very events we envision as a crisis, God uses for our benefit and to prepare us for a life of service.

The prayer of the Servant (November)

Leaders are called to love God and His work more than self and love people and serve them.

Practical spirituality (January 2018)

For 90 years, Ministry has maintained its commitment to deepen spiritual life, develop intellectual strength, and increase pastoral and evangelistic effectiveness.
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