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Jay Gallimore

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Articles by Jay Gallimore

Church growth-its missing power (December 1986)

Are there concerns more important than church growth? Are there different kinds of growth, with varying degrees of worth? How can we have the best?

Climbing or ministering: (April 1986)

On Aspirations and the Ministry.

Measuring the pastor's success (May 1990)

Are baptisms and church attendance adequate measures of success for a pastor? Or should we be looking for something else?

Redemptive discipline (June 1994)

A vital but much-neglected ministry

Can the church be relevant and survive? (June 2003)

Final of a two-part series on how the church may blur its identity in a search for relevancy

Can the church be "relevant" and thrive? (April 2003)

The temptation to be merely relevant, which risks a compromised identity
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