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Ron Gladden

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Articles by Ron Gladden

Church planting: key to growth (October 1988)

The best way to increase fruit production is to plant more trees. The best way to increase soul-winning results is to plant more churches.

Evangelism and church planting (October 1999)

How to recapture the vision, retrieve the mission, and redeem the time

Matching gifts and ministry (September 1993)

Spirit-gifted people may feel stifled and unfulfilled, like square pegs expected to fit into round holes.

Paradigm shifts in evangelism today (October 2003)

Major changes in culture and the church that make new ways of doing evangelism imperative

Plentiful Harvest (July 1997)

A challenge to plant churches

The Denny's dilemma (September 1996)

Multiplying means moving beyond the restrictions of the traditional order.
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