James R. Hoffer

James Hoffer, MA in New Testament, is a retired pastor living in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, United States.

Easier Board Meetings?

AFTER pastoring a certain church nearly three years, it was evident that many of the urgently needed building repairs were not being done. This, along with disagreement as to just what projects should be done and how, shoddy workmanship on some past projects, lack of proper supervision, and other related problems, gave rise to a bold new idea—new at least to us. . .

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Making the Baptismal Service Evangelistic

BAPTISM is often thought of as the "sealing" of a person to the church, and the baptismal service itself is considered merely a formal act to be held in conjunction with a worship service. But in Brazil we have learned it can be so much more than that. . .

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What's in a name?

A visitor to church, a new family in town, a former member, a correspondence-course graduate——are they just names? Or do they stir in you visions of people longing for salvation?

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