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Herald A. Habenicht

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Articles by Herald A. Habenicht

The Vegetarian Advantage (Part 2) (August 1974)

In our article last month we discussed some of the health hazards of using flesh as food. Let us now look at some positive advantages of the vegetarian way of life. . .

The Vegetarian Advantage (July 1974)

Today, more than ever before, we can reply with scientific reasons. As you keep several of these facts and figures in mind, you will find opportunity to share them with others. . .

Hazards Mount for the Unborn—Prudent Life Styte Rewarded (December 1977)

The risk of using prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications during pregnancy is becoming increasingly recognized.

How do you treat it "with contempt" (July 1977)

How to deal with the common cold.

Health and Religion (December 1979)

Obesity in Children. How does it begin and what can parents do about it?
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