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W.J. Hackett

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Articles by W.J. Hackett

Evangelism in the Conference Budget (June 1939)

What percent of the conference budget should be used for evangelism?

Backfiring" to Save the Issue (June 1947)

A look at religious world trends.

Strength in Unity (October 1948)

The anointment of unity.

The Law of the Unenforceable Part II (April 1959)

This is the conclusion of a challenging sermon that was presented at the recent Autumn Council.

The Law of the Unenforceable Part 1 (March 1959)

This challenging sermon was presented at the recent Autumn Council. W. J. Hackett, newly elected president of the Atlantic Union Conference, has just returned from service in the Far Eastern Division.

A Physician and Minister Team for Church Revivals (May 1962)

One of the most interesting programs that it has been our privilege to work in has taken place in the Atlantic Union—a church revival in which a physician and a minister unite in bringing the message night by night. This has proved very effec­tive in awakening our people to the wonder­ful privilege of living a life wholly dedi­cated to God.

LITERATURE EVANGELISM: The Fishers and the Hunters (March 1950)

"According to Jeremiah 16 there are at least two kinds of workers for the Lord. One group is called fishers and the other hunters."

Spirit of Prophecy Emphasis Year in Europe (September 1971)

D. A. Delafield, Associate Secretary of the White Estate, accompanied by his wife, Evelyn, an experienced Bible instructor, will spend a year in Europe beginning in late September, 1971.

Leadership (March 1970)

I WISH to spend a few minutes talking to the leaders about our most important work. We are all leaders in God's cause. Leadership in this day and time demands something different from anything we have given before. First, leadership demands intrinsic value. . .

Decision or rationalization? (August 1981)

Because of the pressures brought to bear by competing special-interest groups, the church leader today is tempted to yield to rationalization in arriving at decisions. But the honest administrator or church pastor must have reasons for each position he takes, based on objective evaluation and divine guidance. Then he must courageously go forward.
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