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Richard Hammill

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Articles by Richard Hammill

Preaching Through Translators (July 1946)

Sometimes it is necessary for missionaries and those who are visiting our overseas di­visions to preach through the medium of transla­tors.

The Birth of Revival (October 1956)

Perhaps the SDA Theological Seminary will be one of the instruments of effecting revival and reformation.

The Name of God (May 1956)

What is God's real name?

Life's Greatest Blessing (August 1963)

"The inner witness of the Spirit to a man's mind that his trangressions are forgiven and his sins are covered, and that the Lord imputes no iniquity to him is the greatest blessing that life can bring to an earth-bound mortal." So says Dr. Hammill in this study of four vital Bible words translated transgression, sin, iniquity, self-deception.

Primary Anti-Sabbatarian Texts: A Discussion of Walter Martin's Comments Relative to the Sabbath and the Lord's Day—Concluded (December 1960)

A Discussion of Walter Martin's Comments Relative to the Sabbath and the Lord's Day - Concluded

A Discussion of Walter Martin's Comments Relative to the Sabbath and the Lord's Day - Part 1 (September 1960)

IN HIS book The Truth About Seventh-day Adventism Walter R. Martin at­tempts to show that the teach­ings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church concerning the binding obligation upon Christians to observe the sev­enth-day Sabbath are without Biblical foundation. It is our purpose here to exam­ine the arguments that he puts forth in chapter six.

Accreditation for the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary (August 1970)

FOR approximately 25 years the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary has been an associate member of the American Association of Theological Schools. We have never applied for full membership in this association, because fully accredited members must have most of their students enrolled in a Bachelor of Divinity program. Moreover, the association has never accredited until now programs that require the students to study the year round with out giving them the summer free for rest or change. . .

Spiritual gifts in the church today (July 1982)

The topic of spiritual gifts has been receiving increased attention by many churches as they seek to help members in Christian service. Yet we tend to be selective in the gifts we recognize. The Scriptures seem to indicate that we can expect all the gifts to remain in the church until the need for them is swallowed up in eternity.
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