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Harold B. Hannum

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Articles by Harold B. Hannum

Musical Editing of New Hymnal (January 1940)

Every effort is being nut forth to make the new Seventh-day Adventist hymnal a worthy book of praise for our churches.

Music in the College and the Church (October 1959)

The study of music is an important part of the education given in our colleges, just as it was in the ancient schools of the prophets. But there are still strange misconceptions con­cerning the place of music in education.

Music-Instrumental Church Music (August 1954)

Preludes, offertories, and postludes are an important part of the musical offering in our churches.

Music for Weddings (November 1962)

Many of our local churches have found it wise to adopt a policy concerning weddings held in the church. Over the years certain prac­tices in the conduct of wed­dings have grown up, and to avoid the inroad of secularism and sentimentalism some churches have drawn up regulations to govern all wed­dings in the church. This is a step in the right direction.

The Wedding Wedding Music (January 1953)

The music used for wedding services in our churches reveals wide differences of opinion as to what is appropriate for such occasions. There seems to be little agreement on this subject. Each pastor and each congregation is free to govern its own practice as to the conduct of weddings in the local church.

Beauty in Music for Worship (January 1964)

The monthly music column.

MUSIC OF THE MESSAGE: Vital Religious Music (April 1950)

"The great truths of the Bible have been the inspiration for many of the great master pieces of music through the years."

Pastors, Know Your Hymnals (October 1976)

Church music and congregational life.

Sacred or Secular? (May 1973)

THE Bible teaches clearly that there is a distinction or difference between the sacred and the secular. Many examples might be cited, but a few will illustrate our statement: the days of the week and the Sabbath, Exodus 20:8-11; 31:14, 15; 35:2; the garments of the priest, Exodus 29:29; the tabernacle, Exodus 40:9, 10; the house of God, Psalm 93:5; 11:4; Habakkuk 2:20. There are certain things that God has declared to be holy, and we are instructed to recognize this distinction in our attitudes and our relation to these things. . .

Liturgical or Free? (August 1970)

THERE are some churches or denominations that are known as liturgical churches because they follow a tradition in their order of service that has been developed through the centuries. The Roman Catholic Church has a well-developed liturgy in the mass. The Lutheran and the Anglican churches both have a liturgy that was derived and modified from features of the Roman Catholic service. There are other liturgical churches, and the history of the liturgy is a long and interesting one.

The Music of the Message (July 1931)

Music accompanying the proclama­tion of the third angel's message should always be good music, based upon the laws which govern true har­mony and rhythm.
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