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Frederick E.J. Harder

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Articles by Frederick E.J. Harder

How do we know? Concluded (June 1960)

NOTWITHSTANDING the priceless worth of knowledge, the stupendous ad­vances that have been made in accumulat­ing it, and the seemingly unlimited pos­sibilities for future learning, there are cer­tain limitations on its acquisition. These limitations are inherent, both in the defec­tive nature of the sources of knowledge and in the inadequacies of the human mind.

How do we know? (May 1960)

Solomon, ...this devotee of wisdom who had silver in abundance, gold in excess, jewels beyond belief, and power whereby to indulge his every desire, affirmed that the sum total of these was not comparable to the worth of knowledge!

Education for Freedom (August 1976)

Are church schools institutions within which innocent children are robbed of their wills?

Preparing an Exposition of Isaiah 40 (July 1977)

On choice chapters in sacred scripture.
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