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Fred Hardinge

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Articles by Fred Hardinge

Always relate to others with love (May 2018)

I am deeply troubled when I witness the “potluck wars” that take place in some churches.

Lose weight – but not breakfast (January 2018)

Skipping breakfast is not a good way to lose weight.

Five questions to challenge your nutrition savvy (September)

From the pastor and his health regarding nutrition.

The protective blessings of sunlight (July)

Often today we fail to recognize the great benefit of sunlight in purifying our environment and making it safe and healthy.

Mr. Peptic Ulcer (March)

Practical pointers on health for pastors.

Counseling the cancer patient (January 2017)

As a pastor you are faced from time to time with parishioners who are facing difficult health situations—maybe for themselves or for a close family member or friend.

Is your church physically literate? (January 2016)

In a world becoming increasingly sedentary, our churches should begin to focus attention on the importance of physical fitness at all ages.

Willpower: Essential to keeping good resolutions (March 2016)

Are you still working on your new year's resolutions? Or have you become discouraged and disregarded some or all of the items on your list?

Choose the best available and ask God for His blessing (November 2015)

Consumption of unhealthy foods is far more prevalent than obsession with good food. Yet, balance is very important in life. Making careful, wholesome choices is vital to maintaining our health.

Dwindling Evidence for the Moderate Use of Alcohol (May 2015)

From the monthly pastor and health feature.

Human performance integrity (March 2015)

Daniel and his three friends and their human performance integrity.

Raising the dead to life (November 2014)

The health message can do far more than modern science has discovered.

What reputation does your church have? (July 2014)

Could it be that, in your desire to help and heal the sick and suffering in your community, your church has become a temple of pseudoscience, a dispensary of snake oil remedies and concepts?

Practice What We Preach (March 2014)

A reminder to all of us who teach or preach that our choices are being observed and watched by others, sometimes when least expected.

Rest (January 2012)

Society today does not value the importance of rest and sleep, and many often con­sider sleep to be a waste of time.

The power of love (July 2013)

The power of love can move people to accomplish the most difficult things in life.

Lessons from Two Lepers (September 2013)

The pastor and health column.

“We just buried him, but he was healed” (May 2013)

One of the greatest robbers of joy and peace can bethe unwillingness to forgive or be forgiven.

The missing ingredient (January 2013)

There is only one real answer to permanent behavior change.

Keeping those Good Resolutions (March 2012)

The pastor and health column.

Health and Religion (May 1979)

Did You Ever See a Sick Adventist? They do get sick, but studies show that Adventists enjoy a health edge over most people.
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