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Miriam Hardinge

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Articles by Miriam Hardinge

Pastoral Entertaining (December 1962)

Entertaining in the min­ister's family is different. The minister's wife is often called on to entertain at short notice. She must prepare meals for visiting ministers and conference officials and often there is little time for these between-meeting meals. She must, therefore, plan ahead and organize well. Her budget is limited and demands on her hos­pitality many, so she entertains simply. In this she sets a good example.

Those Impossible Situations (December 1969)

AND my wife just laughed and laughed," our minister friend said. . .

Those Books! (September 1969)

I CAN see her now, standing at my front door as she was about to leave after seeking counsel concerning our theological students' wives' club. Her eyes flashed angrily as she said, "Books, books! That's all John thinks about— buying books. There's never anything left over for the house or for clothes, at least hardly any thing, when he's through buying books. Every month he comes home with new ones. I get to hate the sight of books.". . .

Those Interruptions! (March 1969)

WELL," said my husband as he leaned down to loosen the strings of his shoes as we prepared to retire, "that wasn't the kind of day I planned.". . .

MINISTER IN THE MAKING: Auxiliary for Students' Wives (March 1950)

"Search as you may through the pages of the bulletins of our colleges, you will find no course entitled Ministerial Wives"

THE MINISTER'S WIFE: The Minister's Wife! The Minister's Wife's Husband (January 1950)

"You don't need me to tell you how fortunate you are in securing the love of the man with whom you have pledged lifelong companionship."

A Suggested Reading Program for Ministers' Wives (November 1971)

If we want strength for our daily tasks and wisdom to meet the unseen emergencies that will beset us, we need to strengthen our faith by a good reading and prayer program. . .

The Six Loves of a Ministers Wife (Concluded) (July 1971)

How are we relating ourselves to the church's great task? Are we every day giving ourselves to God to be used in the place where we are to lighten some dark corner?

The Six Loves of a Ministers Wife (Part I) (May 1971)

I WANT to talk about the six loves of a minister's wife. By these six loves I do not mean the six young hopefuls who asked you for dates (or perhaps whom you hoped would ask you for dates) in your academy and college days. I mean the loves that enrich and govern your life as you stand by the side of your minister husband. . .
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