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Mervyn G. Hardinge

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Articles by Mervyn G. Hardinge

Man—God’s masterpiece of creation (September)

God longs for each of us to experience excellent physical health.

The Blessing and the Reward of Work (November 1946)

What man really wants and needs in life is an opportunity to work.

What Is True Temperance? (March 1947)

Temperance is a commonly misused word. How should we understand it?

Don't Be a Slave Driver to Your Digestive System (July 1976)

We must rest the stomach for ideal functioning

Noah, Moses, Adventists, and feasibility studies (December 1980)

When faith has stopped to consider the chances of success, tragedy has often resulted.

The sun: bane and blessing (January 1989)

We have only begun to realize that sunlight influences chemicals within our bodies, drives our biological clocks, and even determines how soon we mature.
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