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Gerald R. Hardy

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Articles by Gerald R. Hardy

Subjects and Organization: Step by Step Through a Short Evangelistic Campaign (Concluded) (March 1960)

We now come to the last part of our plan for the short evangelistic campaign—the order in which we present our subjects.

Preparing the Church for the Coming Crusade (February 1960)

ANOTHER very important and enjoyable part of the evangelistic campaign is the time taken in preparing the church for the coming crusade.

Step by Step Through a Short Evangelistic Campaign (January 1960)

FOR many decades Seventh-day Adventists have been proclaiming a positive message with definite views concerning world conditions and the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Today we see many of these prophecies being fulfilled. These developments challenge us to a real­ization of the greatness of the task that is ours of presenting the coming of a Saviour to a lost and dying world.

Church Attendance Record (January 1970)

How often we as ministers are bombarded with ideas and plans. The question is, Does it work? The next question is, Does it produce results? Here is an idea that does both. . .
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