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Gerhard Hasel

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Articles by Gerhard Hasel

The Saviour and His Sabbath (Part 3) (March 1975)

ONE ASPECT of the theme of the Sabbath's being made for man and not man for the Sabbath is of utmost importance and has not yet received the attention it requires: The Sabbath has a vital role in the plan of salvation. . .

Revelation and Interpretation in Daniel (October 1974)

THE BOOK of Daniel contains aspects of God's revelation that in several ways are unique. Nowhere else among the prophetic words of Scripture do we find such a care fully laid out overview of history beginning with the time of the author and closing with the time of the end . . .

The Saviour and His Sabbath (January 1975)

Jesus condemned legalism. He swept away the senseless casuistic restrictions of the Jews.

The Meaning of Genesis 1:1 (January 1976)

Lexical, Grammatical, syntactical, and stylistic considerations to understanding the meaning of Genesis 1:!

Is the Aramaic of Daniel early or late? (January 1980)

Aramaic documents from Qumran have dramatically altered views regarding the date of Daniel's composition.

Theological Seminary plans new Master of Divinity curriculum for 1982 (August 1982)

Seminary dean Gerhard F. Hasel unfolds to J. R. Spangler sweeping changes in the M. Div. program designed to integrate as never before a student's Seminary experience with the needs he will face in the field.

New light on the book of Daniel from the Dead Sea scrolls (January 1992)

Recent publications of Dead Sea scrolls confirm the authenticity and the earlier dating for the book of Daniel.
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