Milton Hook

Pastor, SDA Mission, Mount Hagen, New Guinea

God Is (Concluded)

Special Revelation IN MIDSTREAM we are confronted with the fourth stone. We notice it is unique, for neither upstream nor downstream is there a similar one. It is no mere steppingstone. This stone appears to be made up of threescore or more strata fused together to form a massive rock. . .

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God Is (Part 1)

THE fact that God is, is one of the basic assumptions on which the Bible is written. It is the first premise of all Jewish and Christian theology. In the Scriptures "no argument is entered into to prove the existence of God: Instead, His existence is affirmed as a fact to be believed.". . .

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A Plea for Scholarly Simplicity

MODERN evangelists must realize that every soul sits in a chair draped in black, condemned to die. For the sake of eternal salvation he cannot afford to cloud the issues with verbosity, philosophizing, or exhibitionism. . .

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The Immorality of Statistics

We could legitimately write about the morality of statistics, for it is most important that a church organization be aware of increasing or decreasing membership, trends in offerings, and welfare work accomplished. However, like all things of good and moral worth, there is the abuse of such things and herein lies the immorality. . .

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