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Siegfried H. Horn

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Articles by Siegfried H. Horn

Important Archaeological Discoveries (November 1948)

A look at some recent discoveries with which ministers ought to be acquainted.

Early Christian Tombs Near Jerusalem (May 1949)

Avoiding sensational statements and stories concerning archaeological discoveries.

How to Use Archeological Evidence Effectively (October 1955)

This solicited article points out some timely cautions to those who speak on the subject of archeology. However, the author encourages our ministers to speak on this subject and gives a list of authentic writers that can be followed with confidence.

Ninth Extension School Held in the Far East (October 1956)

For eight weeks—from March 19 to May 12—Philippine Union College at Manila was host to a field school for workers from all over the far-flung lands of the Far Eastern Division.

A Revolution in the Early Chronology of Western Asia (June 1957)

An accurate chronological scheme is essential for a correct understanding of Bible history.

Research-Theology, History, Science (February 1954)

Modern Jericho is a flourishing city in the lower Jordan valley.

With the Seminary in Central Europe (December 1958)

Highlights from the latest Extension School of the Seminary.

Viewing Archeological Treasures in European Museums (January 1958)

How our visits to many various museums in Europe shed light on the Bible and strengthened our faith.

Biblical Archeology (January 1958)

The archaeological investigations of the Bible lands during the last 150 years have reopened the history of the past.

With the Seminary in Japan (July 1962)

The latest extension school of the Seventh-day Advent­ist Theological Seminary of Andrews University was con­ducted during the months of February and March, 1962. It was held on the campus of Japan Missionary College, some forty miles southeast of Tokyo, Japan, which in the past has played a major role in the training of Japanese ministers.

Andrews University Seminary Studies (June 1963)

Introducing a learned periodical published by the seminary

Research: The Seventh Year of Artaxerxes I (June 1953)

Seventh-day Adventist ministers have no need of being reminded that the exact dating of Artaxerxes' 7th year is of great importance.

Research: Did the Patriarchs Have Camels? Adulterating the Bible (May 1953)

The Bible represents Abraham as a possessor of camels (Gen. 12:16), sending his servants to Haran with a caravan of ten camels to secure a wife for Isaac (Gen. 24:10).

Research (December 1953)

References to Iron in the Pentateuch-Part II

Research (November 1953)

References to Iron in the Pentateuch--Part 1

REALM OF RESEARCH: Aramaic Problem of Daniel—2 (June 1950)

Second part of the article started last month

The Excavations at Biblical Heshbon 1973 (January 1974)

ANDREWS UNIVERSITY sponsored the third season of excavations at Tell Hesban in Jordan from June 20 to August 15, 1973, with a staff of 57 and about 120 local workmen. The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), which has done more for the progress of Biblical archeology than any other institution, and Calvin Theological Seminary, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provided both financial support and key staff members. . .

THE REALM OF RESEARCH: The Aramaic Problem of the Book of Daniel No. 1 (May 1950)

An analysis on the book of Daniel and the language that it is written in

Quotations From Prof. W F. Albright's Writings (February 1973)

SEPTEMBER 19, 1971, William Foxwell Albright died at the age of 80. With his passing the world of Biblical and archeological scholarship lost one of the greatest minds of recent times and probably the greatest orientalist who ever lived. . .

New light on Nebuchadnezzar's madness (April 1978)

A recently published cuneiform inscription may confirm a story that Bible critics had dismissed as legend.

Archeology and the Sabbath (August 1980)

Is there any basis for the claim that the ancient Hebrews borrowed the seventh-day Sabbath from their idolatrous neighbors?

Elephantine papyri and Daniel 8:14 (August 1981)

Was Artaxerxes decree to rebuild Jerusalem given in the year 457 B.C.? Some old papyri, stored in the bottom of a trunk until 1 947, provide helpful information regarding the beginning of the 2300 days/years.

Sin and Judgment among the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians (December 1981)

The evidence indicates that the ancient world recognized the maxims of a divinely instituted moral law known to the Judeo-Christian believers as the Decalogue.

Tischendorf and the New Testament (March 1982)

More than a hundred years ago a dedicated German scholar discovered 129 large parchment leaves of a Biblical manuscript in a wastepaper basket and rescued portions of Scripture older than any copies then known.

The Old Testament text in antiquity (November 1987)

Ancient scrolls continue to shed light on what happened at Jamnia, and how we got our Bible. The story is more complex and interesting than you may have thought.
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