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Howard J. Detwiler

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Articles by Howard J. Detwiler

The Leader's Duty to Lead (February 1939)

The Conference President's Relation to the Health Work

The Challenge of the Large Cities (January 1942)

Efficient Evangelistic Methods and Pastoral Technique.

Representative Church Edifices (December 1945)

The need of providing a representative church building wherever a newly organized group of believers is effected, is paramount

Associate Youth With Experience (February 1948)

To become a skilled workman in an ordinary trade, one is required to spend a stip­ulated amount of time as an apprentice. The apprenticeship is the essential part of the train­ing given, and determines the value of the workman's labor and the demand made for his services.

EVANGELISTIC OBJECTIVES AND TECHNIQUES: Preaching on Mark of Beast (July 1950)

One of the most important Last Day prophecies in the Bible
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