John S.C. Hsuen

John S. C. Hsuen, M.D., is a pediatrician and vice-president for medical affairs, at Hongkong Adventist Hospitals. He is also an ordained minister, combining his medical and ministerial roles into a blended ministry to the whole man.

Guardians of the whole man

The spiritual health is very closely related to physical well-being. If this is so, those who have the responsibility of caring for people's spiritual health need to be concerned as well about physical health both their own and their congregation s. Indeed, we can never be "whole" in a Biblical sense until we have total health body, mind, and soul.

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Is the ministry getting you down?

John S. C. Hsuen, a minister and a medical doctor, identifies some of the elements of pastoring that lead to stress and then points to resources that can turn stress from a destructive to a productive force.

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