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Willie E. Hucks II

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Articles by Willie E. Hucks II

“Are we there yet?” What air travel teaches us about sermon appeals (October)

Read how our beloved previous associate editor creatively parallels sermonic appeals with the experience of flying.

A letter to student pastors (August 2017)

Practical pointers for pastors.

The Next Worship: Glorifying God in a Diverse World (August)

The author writes about worship within the context of gathering around a table for a meal.

Father Abraham: The worship leader (April 2016)

We must always remember that worship is not about the preacher, musicians, or children’s storyteller.

Back Surgery and Balance (January 2016)

God has created us as wholistic beings--a wonderful blend of spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and physical.

From dissapointment to delight (October 2015)

Our journey through their story can be found in Luke 24.

Spiritual leadership (April 2015)

When the leaders whom God calls allow Him to have complete control of their lives, the spirit of self-sacrifice, servanthood, and humility will exert a power for good over those they influence.

Faithful to the end (July/August 2015)

In this double issue, we focus on the important themes of the second coming of Jesus and mission.

Preaching the Second Coming (July/August 2015)

Those who attend our churches need to be reminded that Jesus is coming again and that His coming is both sure and imminent.

Confessions of a struggling Sabbath keeper (January 2015)

The Sabbath is not about me. It’s about God.

Appreciating my fellow clergy (October 2014)

As you reflect on ministers who have impacted you, whether in the past or present, take the time to let them know how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you.

A lesson in preaching from a 12-year-old (July 2014)

Had she punched me in the stomach, her exclamation could not have hurt me more.

What if it had been me? (April 2014)

How do you handle being treated unjustly and taken advantage of?

Defending Basic Rights: A Conversation with Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Leaders (March 2014)

As a result of this interview, you will gain a deeper understanding of the work and involvement of these leaders in the religious liberty and public affairs in our world.

Searching the Scriptures, serving the church: The mission and ministry of the Biblical Research Institute (June 2014)

The editors of Ministry interview the theologians of the Biblical Research Institute.

What Facebook has taught me about myself (January 2014)

How is your life journey? Are you so consumed with sermon preparation, church administration, and a myriad of other responsibilities that you’ve lost touch with those who see life through different philosophical lenses?

Respecting the Women in our Churches and Communities (October 2013)

The example that we establish goes a long way in setting the tone for gender relations in our churches.

Seven goals for the New Year (January 2012)

My overarching aim for 2012 is to model my life according to the will of Christ as revealed through His life and teachings.

Affirming the Women in the Church: The Role of Women’s Ministry (October 2013)

Read why two pastors’ wives became involved in Women’s Ministry.

The Pastor as Resident Theologian (July 2013)

Thoughts on performing the theological task well.

Pastoral Support: An Interview with Bob Peach (June 2013)

Read about a program that provides counseling and support services for Christian leaders—The Ministry Care Line.

The Six Deadly Sins of Preaching (June 2013)

Becoming responsible for the faith we proclaim.

The Beauty of History (April 2013)

Highlighting the sesqui­centennial of the Adventist Church

The More We Differ, The More We are Alike (October 2012)

Our special issue looks at North America.

The effects of biblical spirituality (January 2013)

A look at four consequences of true biblical spirituality.

Remembering and learning from our past: An interview with Archives, Statistics, and Research (ASTR) (April 2013)

David Trim, Rowena Moore, and Benjamin Baker answer questions about what they call “a three-legged stool—archives, statistics, and research” that represents a department at the General Conference headquarters.

The life of the pastoral family: An Interview with Willie and Elaine Oliver (March 2013)

How do you develop and maintain a healthy family life? Get tips about one of the toughest jobs anyone can tackle.

United in Love: An interview with Daniel R. Jackson (October 2012)

Ministry’s editors dialogue with the president of the North American Division.

Marriage: An earthly microcosm of heaven (July 2012)

A successful marriage is not composed of just two individuals (certainly not male and male or female and female); rather marriage includes three individuals: the man, the woman, and God.

The reality of spiritualistic manifestations: An interview with Kwabena Donkor (July 2012)

Dr. Donkor shares the pervasiveness of spiritualistic manifestations in the end-time church.

What the Holy Spirit means to me (April 2012)

Only as I grew older could I value both the importance and equality of the Holy Spirit.

Spotlight on Worldwide Church Unity (October 2011)

Unity composes a prominent element of this month’s articles.

A Conversation with Adventist Church leaders in Europe (October 2011)

European people live in a society that has left Christianity behind—how do Christians witness in this atmosphere?

The pastor’s prophetic voice (July 2011)

This month’s lead article features an interview with Hyveth Williams, a professor of preaching at Andrews University. She calls for preachers to exercise the authority that God invests in them both locally and nationally. And no doubt exists in my mind that there are many such pastors who lovingly proclaim the high expectations of God. God, however, in these last days, seeks yet more men and women who will exclaim His Word—regardless of the possible ramifications of doing so. . .

The Great Controversy Project: An interview with Delbert W. Baker (June 2011)

By distributing The Great Controversy, we say to the world, “Here’s a simple message that we want you to read, and it’s one of the best you’ll find anywhere!”

The Sabbath: A time for exhaustion? (April 2011)

No time clock can measure what ministers invest throughout their lives.

Revive Us Again (January 2011)

On Spiritual revival

Interview with General Conference President Ted Wilson (January 2011)

I hope that in five years we are in heaven. I really hope that will be a reality. I certainly believe that the world is fast coming to that climactic event of Jesus’ imminent return. Until that time, we are to work in a dynamic way, through the power of the Holy Spirit, so that the Lord will use the church—and I believe this is God’s remnant church with a unique message and a unique opportunity— to share the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. That is our mandate.

Interview with the General Conference Auditing Service (March 2010)

A discussion with those who ensure the financial integrity of the church and its entities.

Saying Thank you to your congregational team members (March 2010)

Ten ways pastors can express appreciation to the church members who lighten their load.

Interview with Planned Giving & Trust Services (February 2010)

Discussing what happens to family and assets after a person dies is not a favorite topic. But that discussion must take place.

The benefits of assimilation (February 2010)

Developing a sense of family in the body of Christ.

Tribute to James A. Cress (March 2010)

The worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church pays tribute to a fallen leader.

Sharing the good news of our Savior in the Pacific Rim (October 2009)

This month marks the third October in a row that Ministry has featured a particular geographic region of the world field.

Running on empty (August 2009)

As a car can still look good, although the fuel tank is empty, so also can we as ministers still look good to others when our souls are empty. But we are spiritually ineffective.

Many avenues, one destination (June 2009)

The focus of Hope Channel involves spreading the message of Jesus Christ, but it's not the technology that's important-it's the message.

What challenges are you facing? (April 2009)

If you are reading this issue and are going through your own personal "storm," I pray that you will experience the full strength and support that the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, stands ready to give to you.

You did not know us, but you loved us: An interview with ADRA (March 2009)

This ministry does more than just respond to disasters. ADRA is the Adventist Church's clearest expression of its commitment to acts of justice, poverty reduction, and responding to human needs and human rights.

The Adventist Church in the Pacific Rim: An interview (October 2009)

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, in order to care for its worldwide mission, has 13 world administrative regions. Three of these regions-the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and the South Pacific Division-encompass the territories of the Pacific Rim. The editors of Ministry interviewed the leaders of these three regions-Jairyong Lee, Alberto Gulfan, and Barry Oliver, respectively-who addressed a wide range of issues.

The gospel to all the world: An interview with Hope Channel (June 2009)

The Seventh-day Adventist Church for many decades has used technology as one way of carrying out its mission. Hope Channel is an important tool for pastors and congregations. During a recent interview with the editors, Hope Channel president Brad Thorp and vice president Gary Gibbs shared some of the latest developments of this television ministry.

A conversation with the directors of the Biblical Research Institute (October 2006)

A look into the ministry of the BRI for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

A specialty to be coveted? (August 2006)

Pastoring of multichurch districts poses many challenges-not just territorial and logistical. How do pastors do it? Where do they turn for counsel and encouragement?

Laughter from the lectern: making theology fun (March 2006)

Theology can be dry and boring, or maybe you'll smile. Which would you prefer?

2009: The year of evangelism (December 2008)

Two pastors share their hopes for this evangelistic initiative.

A conversation with Jamaican pastors (November 2008)

Multichurch district pastors in Jamaica explain how they handle different ministry challenges.

The realization of a dream (September 2008)

One of our hopes that we wanted to see fulfilled was conducting a contest for student writers-men and women who attend colleges, seminaries, and universities, who are studying for the ministry or in some other area of religious studies.

Where is the rule book? (August 2008)

When Kathy and I married, I had already been pastoring my first multichurch district for two years. Marriage brings with it many adjustments-indeed, those of you who are married understand what I am saying. But for my wife, it was particularly challenging: a young bride living apart from her family for the first time, not having any pastoral spouses in her immediate family to serve as role models, becoming a part of church families that knew me but didn't know her.

Evangelism--The heartbeat of the church: An interview with Mark Finley (June 2008)

"Preaching each evening in an evangelistic meeting is spiritually exhilarating," states the speaker for the upcoming Discoveries '08 series. Such passion all preachers should possess.

The past helps us look to the future (March 2008)

Remember how you felt before you preached your first sermon? All kinds of thoughts raced through your mind-Did I study enough? Is the sermon properly organized? Will I have good eye contact with the congregation? Or will my eyes be glued to the notes? That's how our team felt on March 31, 1998.

Being good stewards of the church's assets: Ministry editors dialogue with the directors of Adventist Risk Management (February 2008)

You might not think that an agency associated with insuring church properties is involved in sharing the gospel. But it is.

Calling all men! (February 2008)

In countless numbers of churches, wives attend without their husbands and children attend without their fathers.

Reaching the world one person at a time: An interview with the leaders of Adventist World Radio (January 2008)

In a world in which millions do not have televisions, radio continues to be an indispensable method of sharing the love of God with others.

Follow the Bible: a journey to spiritual renewal (January 2009)

How many people in your congregation read the Bible regularly? What about your denomination? You might be surprised at the low ratio. "Follow the Bible" is an initiative launched by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but we believe that all denominations would benefit by designing their own programs to encourage greater reading of the Word of God.

General practice pastors: the foundation of ministry (April 2007)

There always will be the solo pastor to conduct the bulk of the church's business. Such pastors must be competent in several areas of church ministry.

The landscape of the church (June 2007)

The ministry of the General Conference secretariat does far more than keep the official minutes of various committees. Their work changes lives.

Authorities, anxieties, approval, and appreciation (February 2007)

"When you think about the word judgment, what thoughts come to mind?" I asked my Christian Beliefs class. As a rule, the answer would be negative. Occasionally, however, a brave voice would state the opposite. My goal in broaching the subject was to emphasize the truth that judgment, whether divine or human, when correctly conducted, is the best thing that could happen.

The pastor's Gethsemane (August 2007)

Then Jesus went with his disciples to a place called Gethsemane, and he said to them, ‘Sit here while I go over there and pray.' . . . Then he said to them, ‘My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me' " (Matt. 26:36, 38, NIV).

An interview with the General Conference Youth Department (September 2007)

To celebrate one hundred years of ministry to youth, the youth leadership of the General Conference refl ects upon what has been done and what remains to be accomplished.

A ministry of compassion to the HIV/AIDS community (October 2007)

Ministry interviews a physician who, along with his wife, has been on the front line in the battle against the AIDS epidemic.

Joys of service challenges of growth: a review of the Adventist Church in Africa (October 2007)

Church leaders and academicians from Africa ponder the present and future of ministry on their continent.

Ministering in the wake of disaster (December 2007)

It's not a matter whether disaster will strike, but when. What resources are at the pastor's disposal to assist in meeting such a crisis in the community?

Interview with leaders from Inter and South America (October 2008)

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, in order to care for its worldwide mission, has 13 world administrative regions. Two of these regions, known as the Inter-American Division and South American Division, are among the fastest growing areas in the world. The editors interviewed the leaders from these divisions, Israel Leito and Erton Köhler, respectively, and spoke about a wide range of issues.

A lifelong dedication to the call (May 2008)

Three outstanding ministers in the Adventist Church share their thoughts on various ministry-related themes.

Beyond the usual pastoral duties: An interview with David and Freda Charles (July/August 2010)

Pastor and Mrs. Charles have a special ministry: providing foster care for children with special needs. Why are they doing it? Nikolaus Satelmajer & Willie E. Hucks

An interview with church leaders in southern Asia (October 2010)

The leaders of the Adventist Church in south Asia share their vision for the region and discuss the challenges and opportunities throughout the area.
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