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A.D. Inglish

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Articles by A.D. Inglish

The least enjoyable duty (September 1979)

Speaking to an erring member about his conduct is never easy, but A. D. Inglish provides an illustration of how to apply Biblical principles in this situation.

All Israel will be saved (May 1979)

Paul said it, but what did he mean? A careful examination of his attitude toward circumcision sheds light.

That first funeral (June 1980)

The beginning preacher probably faces no other task in his ministry with more trepidation and less preparation. Here's how novice and veteran alike can avoid some of the more mortifying pitfalls.

Why so few successes? (July 1981)

With a shelf full of books on how to handle all kinds of difficult problems, why does a pastor find nothing but successful examples in the books and so few in his own ministry?

Visiting the Sick (February 1981)

The hospital patient has a right to expect comfort and encouragement from his pastor. Here's how to make your calls effective.

Inglish's complete guide to weddings (January 1983)

Suppose you discover, minutes before the service, that the marriage license has expired. What should you do? Or what if the bride and groom want to promise only to be true "as long as we both shall love"? From years of experience come words of wisdom.

"His rest shall be glorious" (September 1985)

One day you are going to retire! How do you relate to the pastor and the church when you are no longer the pastor? Inglish shows the pitfalls involved and tells the stories of a pastor who made it and one who failed.
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