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F. R. Isaac

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Articles by F. R. Isaac

Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium (August 1940)

Here at Boulder we have been trying to do what we can to make our workers and laity sanitarium-conscious, and to put the gospel into practice at home.

Prayer in the Sanitarium Program (September 1942)

Experience here at our sanitarium demonstrates that when this fundamental truth is observed, men and women are convinced of the essentials of true living, and hearts are made ready for the reception of the third angel's message

Boulder-Porter Launches Program (October 1945)

The Boulder-Porter School of Nursing has launched out upon a program which we believe will prepare nurses for aggressive medical mis­sionary work in our conferences and churches.

Conversing Upon Bible Themes (March 1948)

"Now, Elder Isaac, tell me, is my son, who died ten months ago, being tormented in hell? He was a good man, although not a member of a church. I want to know whether the torches of hell are turned upon him and whether he will burn forever?"

Hints on Sanitarium Bible Work (November 1949)

Elder Isaac not only serves as chaplain of the Por­ter Sanitarium but also teaches the classes in Bible and evangelism for student nurses. He is deeply inter­ested in providing a very practical experience in soul winning for those in training. His pointers in the fol­lowing outline are of special value for freshman nurses, but there is also valuable help in this outline for all who participate in cottage meetings and com­munity Bible classes, as well as sanitarium Bible in­structors who reach individual patients.—L.C.K

Spoiling a Good Sermon (September 1960)

Thoughts on how to avoid spoiling a good sermon.
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