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Don Jacobsen

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Articles by Don Jacobsen

Questions People Aren't Asking (August 1965)

How to get more people to our meetings.

This Is the Army (March 1965)

Thrilling Field School Evangelism

"That They Might Know Thee" (September 1968)

The book of Hosea and the theme that a knowledge of God is essential.

Compel Them to Come In (April 1968)

The Need for Missionaries and Ministers.

Altar Call Follow-Up (April 1969)

FOR several years there has been felt the need of increasing the efficiency of altar calls. It has been thought that dealing with those who come forward just as a group has a tendency to depersonalize their decision. Also, they often leave the hall with a feeling of being alone, for they may have no close friends within the church. I believe that the Lord has led me into a program that is cutting down on the mortality rate of new believers. . .

Christ Seeks Asia (March 1969)

EVANGELICAL Christian leaders from all over the world were inspired in October, 1966, with the results of the World Congress on Evangelism held in Berlin. It was a time of renewing evangelical commitments, but the principles for accomplishing the task were necessarily quite general. . .

Is your church staffed to grow? (December 1983)

Sometimes significant growth doesn't take place in spite of all that a local church tries to do. The author suggests ways to break through the impasse.

The lady in the aisle (April 2008)

Is it time to re-evaluate how we do evangelism in our churches? The author shares several stories that may answer that question.
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