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James W. Osborn

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Articles by James W. Osborn

Operating a Church on a Budget (October 1941)

It is generally recognized that operating a church on a budget is the most acceptable method. Included in this plan are three divi­sions: (I) Ways and means of preparing a budget; (2) ways and means of raising pledges to cover the amount of the budget; (3) ways and means of making the budget "operate."

How to Plan a Program for the Church Year (June 1956)

The important role of planning and preparation to preaching.

Spirits Like Frogs (September 1958)

An exploration of John's record of a worldwide spiritual conspiracy led and inspired by evil spirits.

Parapsychology and Modern Thought (August 1958)

Meeting the latest challenges of the myths of spiritualism.

Experiments in Extrasensory Perception (July 1958)

Satan in his efforts to defeat the divine plan for the redemption of man, seeks to foul the springs of learning, in an effort to distort and misconstrue the truths of the divine Guidebook.

The Thrill of a Lifetime (October 1959)

What gives the pastor's wife the opportunity to be one of the happiest women in all the world?

The Week of Prayer Revival (October 1960)

The Week of Prayer was originally de­signed to be a source of great spiritual inspiration and help to our people. It is the one time of the year when our churches throughout the world unite in a common quest for spiritual refreshment. As we near the coming of the Lord this should become increasingly necessary.

PASTOR: Their first Church Service (February 1952)

"Bible correspondence courses are bringing the teachings of Seventh-day Adventists to the attention of multitudes."

The Ideal Supervision of a District (June 1939)

What are some of the factors involved in the ideal supervision of a district?
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