Salim Japas

Saiim Japas, a highly successful evangelist, is ministerial secretary of the Inter-American Division of the General Conference.

Evangelism in the Austral Union

A new awakening in the South American Division.

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The Bible Course and the Soul-winning Campaign

When someone speaks of a unique efficient method for evangelization in a speci­fied area the expression does not seem convincing. The ways and means to reach people with the gospel are manifold, just as varied as are the human personalities it is destined to reach. On the other hand, it can be proved that the combination of several methods is highly productive in a campaign, when the men who lead are willing to work in hu­mility and simplicity.

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God's fire in evangelism

Is our church on fire or lukewarm? What is the secret to rekindling the fire of God for evangelism?

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