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G.T. Javor

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Articles by G.T. Javor

The Evidence of the Enzymes (September 1975)

MOLECULES are small particles in visible to the naked eye. They are com posed of two or more fundamental bits of matter called atoms. All substances around us, and we ourselves, are a collection of atoms and molecules. In the past few decades a great deal of new in formation has become available about the nature of molecules found in living organisms. When we consider what has been learned, the personality of a very wise, meticulous and loving Designer emerges with ever-increasing clarity. . .

Atmospheric Oxygen Rules Out Evolution (August 1976)

The book of nature and the book of revelation bear the impress of the same Mastermind.

Science and Religion (August 1978)

Scientists can now reshape the genes of living organisms, raising serious moral questions.

Science and Religion (November 1979)

Conditions on Earth's nearest neighbor are not what the evolutionary models predicted.

Science and Religion (April 1979)

The Billion-dollar Question. Is there life on Mars? The United States Government spent a billion dollars to find out.

Does a sin gene exist? (January 2010)

Why does every descendant of Adam and Eve, except Jesus Christ, sin? Do we have an inherited factor that puts us at odds with God?
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