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Varner J. Johns

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Articles by Varner J. Johns

Guard Health As Sacredly as Character (April 1940)

We are accountable to God for the preserva­tion of the body temple in the fullest measure of health possible, that our minds may be clear and our spiritual perceptions right.

The Prophecy on the Mount (December 1941)

From the Mount of Olives, two great mes­sages were proclaimed by the Great Teacher —the sermon on the mount and the prophecy on the mount. For those who are looking and longing for the coming of Jesus, the words of Matthew 24 and 25 are a combina­tion of timetable and guidebook.

Leaders and Molders of Men-2 (February 1941)

A Study of Principles, Perils, and Developments.

Bible Teachers as Leaders and Molders (January 1941)

Paper presented at Bible Teachers' Council, Washington, D.C., August, 1940.

Sevenfold Errors of "Dispensationalism" (November 1942)

These last days are to be marked by multiplied deceptions in regard to the manner of Christ's coming.

Misconceptions of Adventist Belief (March 1942)

Seventh-day Adventists have never taught a material millennial king­dom, with a reign of Christ on this earth.

The World Looks Romeward (February 1942)

A look at religious world trends.

Dispensationalism' s Sophistries (January 1942)

A look at one of the most dangerous of modern heresies.

Dispensationalism and the Scofield Bible (March 1945)

Few of us realize how widespread the errors of modern dispensationalism have become in recent years.

Selecting Meeting Places (December 1947)

Paper presented at the Columbia Union ministerial institute.

Drift Toward Rome (May 1955)

It has been said that the mass is the point of cleavage between Romanism and Protestant­ism. With the emphasis now being given in Protestant churches to the "altar" and the "sacrificial cup," to the destroying of denomin­ational differences and the development of unity in a common belief in Jesus, is it possible that the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, ac­cepted by Protestants as a sacrament and a sacrifice, may become the focal point of unity?

G. W. Anglebarger—Pattern Preacher (October 1969)

IN MY Bible is a prized possession—a bookmark printed long years ago by a Denver church in memory of its minister. Underneath the picture of this venerable man of God are the words. . .

My Books are My Wealth (November 1938)

All our contributory reading should be designed to strengthen us in faith and experience, that we may be greater men of God, and more efficient ministers of His word.

Minnesota's Evangelistic Creed (October 1934)

There are scores of cities of promi­nence in the "entered" counties in which no Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic effort has ever been held.

Economy in Advertising (January 1931)

The evangelist who is restricted to a yearly budget of $200 expense money must exercise the greatest care in financial expenditure. To such, the spec­tacular effort in auditorium or taber­nacle, with Bible workers and talented musicians as assistants, and the use of many columns of paid newspaper space, all seem but a fanciful dream.
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