Carsten Johnsen

Carsten Johnsen, Ph.D., has dual citizenship (American and Norwegian), dual doctorates (philosophy, University of Montepellier, France, and theology, Faculte de Theologie Protestant, Montpellier), and a wide teaching experience in six countries. Presently he is a professor of theology at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Faith and Works

This article deals with what some have called provocative ground in the theology of salvation. The councils of the church have echoed with the op­posing slogans Sola obra! Sola fide! And in between some have tried to combine same faith and some works. Here the author, a Norwegian lay­man of experience and university training discusses the question whether real faith in God is ever unaccom­panied by consequent works for God—even when they may not be dominantly apparent.

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Stage Fright

Overcoming fear the biblical way.

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Does Life Have Personal Meaning?

The "triumph" of the species is now solemnly proclaimed as the eternal law of the universe And that proclamation is made with the most cynical disrespect of the individual.

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