Audray R. Johnson

Minister's Wife

The Priests Were Too Few

GREAT rejoicing spread through Jerusalem as Hezekiah ordered the service of God to be set in order. The house of the Lord had fallen into disrepair through the neglect and idolatry of God's own people. For too many years no offerings had been brought. The lamps were out. No incense burned. The doors were bolted shut. Trouble reigned all around. . .

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Do We Care?

LOVE is a popular word these days. In this hippie age we see the word written everywhere. Love slogans and signs are as prolific as the "flower children" themselves. But words written on paper or walls or signs do not bring the warmth to the soul felt by the giver and the recipient of real love. The light of truth on love is found in the short Biblical sentence, "God so loved . . . that he gave." If we would love we must give of ourselves. . .

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