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Bruce Johnston

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Articles by Bruce Johnston

Evangelism at Emmanuel Missionary College (December 1959)

At EMC we are endeavoring to take the students out into the field to supplement class instruction with participation in practical soul-winning activities.

"It Is Written" and the College Campus (January 1964)

Our contact with It Is Written has proved a real blessing to the campus, bringing with it the strong spiritual impact that is the inev­itable result of a successful stu­dent soul-winning endeavor.

Southern Missionary College Goes All Out for Evangelism (March 1965)

Another field school in evangelism report highlighting the efforts of this school.

An Evangelistic Field School at Emmanuel Missionary College (July 1961)

It was a venture of faith to conduct an evangelistic field school in South Bend, Indiana—the very heart of Roman Catholic intellectualism.

Target 80--The Bold Adventure (Part 2) (October 1974)

AT THE annual Far Eastern Division council in Singapore in November, 1972, the following action was voted, which brought into being the eight-year strategy that has since been named Target 80. . .

Target 80--The Bold Adventure (September 1974)

TARGET 80 involves the application of modern management principles to church growth and strategy. It has really captured the imagination of our administrators and departmental leaders throughout the Far Eastern Division. We have already begun to see a strong upward turn since launching this eight-year evangelistic thrust. Many areas have had more baptisms this year than for the same period in 1973. . .

You can have a growing church! (August 1978)

Strategic planning is one of the keys to developing a growing church, maintains Bruce Johnston. Vision alone is not enough; methods by themselves are insufficient. But strategy connects the vision with the methods to make the dream come true.
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