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Robert M. Johnston

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Articles by Robert M. Johnston

What Can We Know About the Holy Trinity? (November 1964)

What does the Word of God have to say about the subject of the Trinity, and what can safely be de­duced from these statements?

Missionary From Heaven (July 1977)

Buildings will crumble, institutions will be nationalized, and programs will be corrupted, but the redeemed from every nation will inherit eternal life.

Weeding the garden of prayer (December 1981)

Like weeds, thoughtlessness in the content and wording of public prayer has an amazing way of flourishing and spreading. Of course, God accepts even the clumsiest prayer when sincerely offered, but should we not seek to approach Him with all the weeds eradicated?

The devotional life of Brother Lawrence (July 1981)

The influence of a seventeenth-century Carmelite lay brother who practiced the presence of Christ reaches down into our day.

Twisting their tales (October 1985)

In many ways Jesus' parables resembled those of the rabbis. But His contained significant differences, also. In fact, the differences help explain why they wanted Him crucified.

The minister as a believer (March 1990)

Only ministers who know God can supply what people come to church to receive.

Unfaithfulness to the marriage vow (November 1994)

What does the Church Manual mean?

the case for a balanced hermeneutic (March 1999)

A centrist but more "progressive" view of the issues

God's people and their franchise (November 2003)

Elements of Seventh-day Adventist faith: The church, the remnant, and the mission

Unbaptized children and Communion (June 2007)

In this article about children and communion, the author explains why ubaptized children should be excluded from communion.

After death: resurrection or immortality? (September 1983)

Scripture answers the age-old question of what happens after death by pointing to Jesus. He is our example in this as in all things. Much current Christian thought on this subject is an attempt to combine Greek ideas of an immortal soul with Scripture's emphasis on resurrection.
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