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John K. Jones

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Articles by John K. Jones

The Minister and His Income (January 1928)

Suggestions for leaving within your means.

The Association Forum (October 1929)

The problem of personal finance.

The Minister as the Trainer (March 1940)

A fourfold discussion of opportunities and duties.

Impressions of the Southern Union Council (June 1943)

Presentation from Southern Union Conference, Chattanooga, January 7-14, 1943

Ways of Finishing the Work (August 1941)

Now and then we hear the suggestion that the need of evangelists to enter the large cities and towns is not as urgent as it once was, but that the work of God will be finished almost entirely by the lay members.

Field School of Evangelism (June 1937)

In view of world conditions in general which point unmistakably to the nearness of probation's close, it is a sad fact that, charged as we are with a special message to a doomed world, our evangelistic, soul-winning work in America is not advancing as rapidly as the time and circumstances demand.

Our Relation to Financial Goals (July 1936)

The mad rush for possession of money has caused the world to lose its sense of spiritual values, by making money its god.

Treading on Enchanted Ground (August 1935)

Living as we do in the mad rush of this age, with everything geared to high speed, there is danger that in carrying out the mechanical details of our appointed work, we shall permit this whirl of the mechanics to dull our spiritual vision.

Every Minister's Position Strategic (November 1933)

The most important problem facing our ministers in the field is that of win­ning souls for the kingdom of heaven through the preaching of the threefold message of Revelation 14:6-12.

Shrinkage in Funds Need Not Hinder Evangelism (October 1932)

For the past decade or so, when earnest effort has been made to reach the masses in our cities through pub­lic efforts conducted by strong evangel­ists, the impression has obtained among many that it is impossible to carry on successful evangelism in the vast centers of population unless large sums of money are made available by the conference treasury.

Forward and Upward (February 1929)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution.
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