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Alfred S. Jorgensen

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Articles by Alfred S. Jorgensen

Pulpit-A Plea For Preaching (November 1954)

Christ came as a preacher.

A Memorial of Divine Guidance (August 1975)

THE ESTABLISHMENT of Avondale College was a significant development in the rapidly expanding work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia in the final decade of the past century. It was raised up under the direct guidance of Ellen G. White, and from the first reflected very largely the ideals of Christian education that are today acknowledged as the norm of the church's educational philosophy. . .

The "Omega" of Apostasy (March 1975)

CHRISTENDOM IS currently in extremely poor shape in many areas of the world. Simply told, the story is one of dwindling membership, a dwindling ministry, and dwindling finances. . .

"Years Behind" (April 1976)

The same sins have delayed the entrance of modern Israel into the heavenly Canaan

The Sabbath—Earth's Reflection of Heaven (January 1977)

The Sabbath as a "sign" of sanctification, not a source of grace.

Preaching from Job (October 1979)

This book has been apotheosized, crystalized, and mummified——but deep insights await the one who is willing to dig for the treasures buried there.

Man of the Word: The ministry of G. Campbell Morgan (May 2000)

A review of Morgan's passion for and use of the Bible in his preaching
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