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Articles by K.L.J.

The Health Message in Public Evangelism (January 1934)

That health education should be part of the program of every evangelistic campaign is now recognized by the majority of our success­ful evangelists.

Extending Our Influence (November 1939)

This paper was presented at a meeting of the Southern Institute of Hospital Administrators, held at Duke University, Au­gust 4.

Education Principles Reemphasized (August 1939)

Gleanings from the Annual Convention of the National League of Nursing Education

Vital Health Questions (March 1939)

What health topic does the Seventh-day Adventist most frequently have oppor­tunity to discuss with an inquirer?

Health Education in Conference Work (March 1938)

In the organized work of the conference, health education may be carried on in many different ways, all of which may be made very effectual, and each of which may have its own special advantages.

Teaching Church Groups (November 1938)

The most important thing in any teaching program with any group is the evi­dence that subject matter which has been taught is being applied to practical life.

Content of Health Evangelism (September 1937)

In advertising the health phase of an evangelistic gelistic series of meetings, caution should be exercised in the matter of exaggeration of facts.

Principles Governing Health Teaching (November 1934)

Improvement in method and technique.
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