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Anthony Kent

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Articles by Anthony Kent

The privilege (December 2016)

Have you ever been prevented from speaking about Jesus, the gospel, or the Bible?

Letter from Anthony Kent (November 2015)

Clergy of all denominations find encouragement and insights in the pages of Ministry. Read how you can assist in sharing this vital resource.

Letter from Anthony Kent (November 2013)

While the Bible reminds us of gift-giving and thanksgiving, read how this world-class, professional journal for clergy has become a gift to many, many pastors of all denominations.

Cheer up - He's calling you! (March 2010)

How does the story of Bartimaeus speak to us as pastors? In the last decade, a great deal has been published on the perils and pains associated with pastoral ministry.1 Significant issues such as burnout, sexual indiscretions, abuses of power, and failed relationships have been associated with clergy. These issues are worthy of attention.

Evangelism: Adventism's heartbeat (October 2003)

Seven principles to practice when doing evangelism
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