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G. Arthur Keough

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Articles by G. Arthur Keough

Solving the Moslem Problem (Novemer 1944)

Mission Problems and Methods

The Two Women of Revelation (January 1947)

How do we understand the two women in Revelation.

Is Atomic Fission a Miracle? (March 1948)

Questions to the editors.

The Missionary and National Differences (November 1964)

In a world fractured by national and racial prejudices this writer has dearly set forth important guiding principles for home and overseas Christian workers.

Andrews University Extension School at Beirut, Lebanon (November 1961)

Adventist ministers and teachers in the Middle East enjoyed a special em­phasis this summer on the study of evangelistic proce­dures and the Bible in the light of archeology. The ex­perience was one that will long be remembered and appreciated.

A First Step in the Christian Approach to Islam (September 1961)

In a recent lecture on "Christianity and the Re­surgence of Religions," Dr. J. Bouman, of the faculty of the Near East School of Theology, Beirut, Lebanon, made the suggestion that in seeking an approach to Islam perhaps Christians ought to consider first "with­drawing from Christianity."

Archeological Update From Israel (June 1976)

The monthly biblical archeology column.

Consistent Christianity (November 1982)

Continuing the series This We Believe, G. Arthur Keough discusses the relationship between what a Christian believes and his daily life.

The Panorama of the Ages (September 1933)

A Study of Revelation Five
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